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From 16 March 2015 Spider’s Appeal ceased to support NGO Educational Trust because it completely failed to comply with specified requirements governing the usage of donated funds.

All previous donations (from 1 October 2003 to 15 March 2015) totalling £202,766.83 are required to be forwarded from NGOET to Heritage Concern Foundation which will fully satisfy those requirements.


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A Unique Dog Story


At the outset the aim of the challenge was to establish a new field-sports record by beating on different driven shoots on each day of the partridge/pheasant season in as many UK counties as possible. A gamekeeper suggested to Barry that, because many people would be met during such a journey, it was an excellent opportunity for fundraising. Barry agreed and made the fundraising the top priority, deciding that whatever was raised would be equally divided between a UK Countryside Education Charity and Cancer Research UK. Three days after confirming the arrangement with the cancer charity, Barry discovered a cancerous tumour on Spider. In an attempt to find a positive outcome from the crisis, Barry decided to focus the whole adventure on Spider, name the fundraising after him, and create a unique dog story to interest the widest audience. Spider’s Appeal was born.


Spider (Pocklea Roller) was a liver/white English Springer Spaniel. He was born in Yorkshire on 23 June 1992, being bred by David Garbut of Pocklington, from Drakeshead Twist out of Trebornil Tess. For six years he worked as a ‘keeper’s dog on Welbeck Abbey Estate in Nottinghamshire before being adopted by Barry. As figurehead of the Appeal he visited all 398 shoots with Barry during the first four seasons despite carrying a cancerous tumour. He died naturally at home on 8 April (Easter Sunday) 2007. His ashes are scattered within each of the shoots subsequently visited by the Appeal in order to maintain his presence and role.

Sally (Williamsway Rosie) was also a liver/white ESS and was born on 21 May 1994, being bred by David Vincent of Mansfield, from Wicketwood Flint out of Scartho Small Skipper. She became Barry’s first ESS when he rescued her from her owner’s broken marriage during the spring of 1997. She gradually settled into her new life and loved to swim, making some memorable retrieves, often of long distance and from water. An impressive mother, she was fiercely protective towards her litter of March 2000 and successfully reared all six puppies. Because of ageing, she travelled with Barry during the 09/10 season of the Appeal. She died naturally, whilst on tour, on 15 December 2009 and is buried next to Spider’s hazel at home.

Bay (Heritagewise Laurus Bay) was born on 28 March 2000, bred by Barry. He was from Spider, out of Sally (Williamsway Rosie) also owned by Barry. He was a valuable member within the Appeal pack, having substituted for Spider when the latter became weaker. Extremely energetic, he related well to grouse moors, sometimes covering just one at a time.

Rowan (Heritagewise Sorbus Rowan) was born on 28 March 2000, bred by Barry. He was firstborn in the litter and was litter brother to Bay. He quickly became more involved in the Appeal programme. Also extremely strong and energetic with a good nose and very soft mouth, he enjoyed picking up whenever he could.

Spider (Otterbred Marathon Man) was born on 15 June 2007, bred by David Otter of Retford. He is from Bay, out of Holly (Otterbred Goldeneye). Although the beefiest of the litter, he has developed into a relatively small ESS, but has the energy yet gentle nature of his grandfather. He has immediately adopted the central role of the Appeal and has already attracted many admirers.

Ling (Heritage Wise Spiderling) was born on 2 July 2015, bred by Mr and Mrs Minaar of Old Dalby, Leicestershire. He is from Spider ll, out of Holly (Apple Pippin). He was birth no 8 of a litter of 11 fine healthy puppies, 6 m and 5 f. He joined Spider ll and Barry at home on 26 August and with his energy represents a new phase of the Appeal. Significantly he is another Cancerian, and immediately becomes a much admired apprentice figurehead.

Barry (Atkinson) was born in Yorkshire on 21 June 1943, being bred by Arnold and Bessie Atkinson of Huddersfield. Having worked a career of art and design practice and education he now expels his energies attempting to be pack leader and workhorse for Spider’s Appeal. An incurable idealist and romantic Cancerian, he is optimistic that Spider’s Appeal will make some effective contribution in the protection of the two assets he most cherishes, countryside and health.

In 2015 he established Heritage Concern Foundation.

Above all, he feels privileged and proud to have owned Spider, his best friend.


Spider II