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Values, Spirit and Pride

                   Land of Hope and Glory- Mother of the Free

                          How shall we extol thee, who are born of thee?”

       A decade into a new and bright millennium - but

                           the United Kingdom is now subdued in pessimism and retreat,

                           a self-harm victim of recession, lost values and blurred belief;

                           a sweeping victory for asset greed, resource wastage, cultural dishonesty

                           and selfish erosion of standards.

      Where are the guiding landmarks – Where is the pride in being and belonging?

                           Is dignity yet another forgotten word? Is identity now the endangered?

      Wise nations praise their land and their wildlife: and

                           create a  National Bird as a symbol of celebration.

                           Edward Elgar and Arthur Benson would applaud in music and song.

      These islands are especially wealthy, heading the global Rich List in natural treasure.

      We have the unique Red Grouse, the only native bird whose sole territory is the British Isles.

                           It chooses a quiet and remote life with an enviable spirit of character;

                           modestly noble in plumage, exhilarating in flight,

                           instinctive in survival, and inspiring in fortitude over extreme

                           hardships of wildest landscape.

      Now, in confused crisis, is the time to re-assess our existence and re-define our choices:

                           to sense and respect the heritage of our homelands;

                           to adopt the Red Grouse as our UK National Bird;

                           and to joyously exude a pride for our life.

Spider’s UK National Bird Campaign was launched on 16 May 2010 and is presented by Spider’s Appeal as part of it’s mission to raise awareness of the fragility of Countryside and Health, which we believe are our two most valuable assets.

This title of honour will be in addition to the Bird for Britain (European Robin) and the Northern Ireland National Bird (Oystercatcher), both established in 1960, but not endorsed by respective governments, by an initiative driven by the International Council for Bird Preservation (now named Birdlife International) through public opinion via The Times.

It will also be in addition to the National Bird for Wales (Red Kite), established in 2000, but not endorsed by the Welsh Assembly. As yet there is no species officially representing England or Scotland; or the United Kingdom as an entity.

The United Kingdom comprises Great Britain and Northern Ireland. British Isles includes The Republic of Ireland.

The establishment of a UK National Bird (Red Grouse) will generate unlimited benefits, enhancing commerce, education and community within diverse international, national, and regional forums. Benefits for all aspects of countryside life and practices could be very significant, especially in provoking an understanding of upland terrain, wildlife, environment, and sensitive management, and in encouraging public support for those people dedicated to proactive and applied conservation..