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From 16 March 2015 Spider’s Appeal ceased to support NGO Educational Trust because it completely failed to comply with specified requirements governing the usage of donated funds.

All previous donations (from 1 October 2003 to 15 March 2015) totalling £202,766.83 are required to be forwarded from NGOET to Heritage Concern Foundation which will fully satisfy those requirements.


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This is a unique adventure by a dog and his owner, pursuing a very challenging lifestyle which idealistically focuses on the things in life that really matter, whilst raising funds to help protect these invaluable and fragile assets that allow every person to nurture their spiritual and physical existence. From very naïve beginnings in 2003 the adventure has developed into a crystal clear mission, and evolved rapidly into a balanced combination of quality PR and fundraising for charities related to Countryside and Health, and establishing field-sports records for beating on driven shoots throughout the UK.

‘To help protect your Countryside and your Health’

The Mission

Protection of the Countryside

Protection of Health

Spider’s Appeal Fundraising Policy

We believe the countryside is our most valuable asset which enables each person to stimulate and sustain a spirit for life. It inspires and influences our creative energies to make personal and original expression which celebrates our individual existence in the grand system.

Due to population increase, evolving lifestyles, industrial enterprise, climate change, and resultant legislation, the mix of countryside management is constantly adapting and the balance becoming increasingly more fragile. Misuse of and damaging interference in countryside matters is usually based on the misunderstanding of factual processes and practices. This serious threat can be addressed immediately by accurate information and effective communication.

50% of Spider’s Appeal fundraising will directly finance the educational projects of a UK countryside education charity, Heritage Concern Foundation, which are already producing benefits throughout the UK. This includes an innovative project specified by the Appeal, titled Spider’s Heritage, which will encourage UK-widespread involvement in annual competitions with creative expressions in all disciplines of art, design, literature, music, song and dance.

We believe good health is our most valuable asset which enables each person to have a physical involvement in life, in harmony with our spirit.

Specific cancerous diseases now number more than two hundred and each person may be the next victim of any one of them. It now seems likely that every family and every household has been affected by cancer at some time. We believe it is essential that everyone increases an awareness of cancer, adapts lifestyle to strengthen personal defence, and supports cancer research.

50% of Spider’s Appeal fundraising will be donated to Cancer Research UK, each season being directed towards a different cancerous disease, being connected to a selected research project. That project is then tracked through the laboratory process and a report is made available to all fund donors.

With the desire to inspire complete trust, and to be seen and remembered as unusually and totally honest, Spider’s Appeal has a rock-solid policy regarding fundraising. This is to a) ensure that every donated penny remains intact and is guaranteed to be forwarded to the two charities, evidenced by accurately maintained records and audit, (nothing is deducted from the fundraising to meet expenses); and b) ensure that every penny forwarded to the charities is effective for it’s intended purpose by funding specific projects and not financing administration costs.

Spider’s Appeal Explained

On 14 July 2014 the Chairman of NGOET wrote to Spider’s Appeal (the first time any trustee has written to SA) to terminate contact with Spider’s Appeal because the Trust could not, and never believed that it could, satisfy the requirements specified in the Spider’s Appeal project brief dated 18 March 2004. This admission clearly constitutes an act of deception, a criminal act as described by the Charities Commission, maintained for 10 years whilst continuing to receive annual donations. The Trust has offered to forward only a part of the funds received (which total £202,766-83) and has refused to reimburse the associated expense to Spider’s Appeal related to change of print, embroidery, garments, and website. The majority of Spider’s Appeal’s attempts to address and resolve this situation have been unprofessionally ignored. On 23 October 2015 Barry contacted each Regional Chairman of the NGO, copied below, which also has been totally ignored:

“I write to ensure that you, as a NGO Regional Chairman, are fully aware of the facts regarding the relationship between Spider’s Appeal and the NGO Educational Trust. I suspect that as yet this is not the case.

Please find attached a copy of the Press Release I issued on 1 March 2015.

With the exception of Field and Rural Life, all countryside magazines decided not to publish this information, due to the threat of legal action made by the NGOET Trustees. That threat was also directed to myself.

Consequently I included a brief description of the situation on our website in order to inform as many people as possible, regardless of the threat. Shortly after that our website and email address have been targeted and totally destroyed.

However, I am obliged to inform everybody of the situation, because I have a responsibility to everyone who has supported Spider’s Appeal since 2003 to ensure that the money is spent exactly as I intended and described during each and every day of our visits to 1000 shoots.

To allow any different spending of funds would be a serious betrayal of the trust that thousands of people have placed in me when making their donations.

The precise intention for the spending of funds by the NGOET (formerly NGOCT) was clearly specified in a project brief presented by me along with the first donation, and agreed to by the NGOET (NGOCT). For the NGOET to repeatedly express a good intention to fully comply with the brief, only to admit after 11 years of receiving subsequent donations that compliance was never possible, is nothing short of deception. The Charities Commission have informed me that deception is a criminal act. I have a further concern that some funds have been spent to benefit at least one Trustee family member.

I regard this entire situation as being deeply damaging to the profile and credibility not just of the NGOET but also of the NGO as a whole. The negative PR will I fear be extremely serious and I have attempted to alert and provoke constructive intervention from both Lindsay Waddell and David Clark. Amazingly both my communications to Lindsay and the 2nd to David have been totally ignored. I have particularly requested that all Regional Chairmen be fully informed of the true situation, as a right and a responsibility.

In my opinion, this crisis situation can now only be resolved by professional and decisive action by the Regional Chairmen to implement the following:

  1.        All Trustees and personnel of the NGOET replaced by carefully selected appointees, and revised procedures and               standards of integrity installed to ensure appropriate future conduct;

  2.        A full admission and sincere apology, the content to have prior agreement from myself, from both the NGOET and               NGO published in all countryside magazines;

 3.        An agreement to transfer the value of all funds received from Spider’s Appeal to an alternative countryside education              charity specified by myself.

Every aspect of the content of my statement can be substantiated by evidence which is available for your reference.”

Barry assures every person who has supported and donated to Spider’s Appeal that he will pursue this matter on their behalf until the requisite transfer of funds is satisfactorily concluded. He also emphasises that the genuine integrity of Spider’s Appeal will be rigorously maintained.

Spider’s Appeal v NGO Educational Trust