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This challenging adventure is a celebration of dogs like Spider

who enrich our lives, inspiring us to fully appreciate our two most

valuable assets, Countryside and Good health, both natural in

essence but each requiring sensitive care and management.

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by cheque payable to Spider’s Appeal and sent to

Woodside House, Main St, Norwell, Newark, NG23 6JN.

CAF cheques to be made payable to either charity and sent to

Woodside House, Main St, Norwell, Newark, NG23 6JN.

Heritage Concern Foundation Charity Registration no. 1170912

Cancer Research UK Charity  Registration no. 1089464


From 16 March 2015 Spider’s Appeal ceased to support NGO Educational Trust because it completely failed to comply with specified requirements governing the usage of donated funds.

All previous donations (from 1 October 2003 to 15 March 2015) totalling £202,766.83 are required to be forwarded from NGOET to Heritage Concern Foundation which will fully satisfy those requirements.


Contact Barry and Spider on   

01636 636 377

07876 762 351


Spider’s 1000

A chronological record of different shoots visited, counties, and related donations to Spider’sAppeal.

Season 1. 2003-2004

Season 2. 2004-2005

Season 3. 2005-2006

Season 4. 2006-2007

Season 5. 2007-2008

Season 6. 2008-2009

Season 7. 2009-2010

Season 8. 2010-2011

Season 9. 2011-2012

Season 10. 2012-2013