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by cheque payable to Spider’s Appeal and sent to

Woodside House, Main St, Norwell, Newark, NG23 6JN.

CAF cheques to be made payable to either charity and sent to

Woodside House, Main St, Norwell, Newark, NG23 6JN.

Heritage Concern Foundation Charity Registration no. 1170912

Cancer Research UK Charity Registration no. 1089464


From 16 March 2015 Spider’s Appeal ceased to support NGO Educational Trust because it completely failed to comply with specified requirements governing the usage of donated funds.

All previous donations (from 1 October 2003 to 15 March 2015) totalling £202,766.83 are required to be forwarded from NGOET to Heritage Concern Foundation which will fully satisfy those requirements.


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Spider flushing Red Grouse; by Nigel Hemming

Spider flushing Pheasant; by William Garfit

Spider flushing Grey (English) Partridge; by Ben Hoskyns

Spider 2 retrieving Red-leg (French) Partridge;

by Jonathan Pointer

Spider flushing Woodcock;

by Owen Williams.

To commemorate and celebrate Spider’s five field-sports records, five of the most talented and highly acclaimed sporting artists are each to produce a painting based on Spider.

To acknowledge the number of different shoots to be visited by Spider’s Appeal, 1000 prints will be taken off each original.

The prints will then be signed and numbered by the artist.

Each set of five prints will be offered for sale to the shoot of the same visit number.

Every penny of the sale price will be ring-fenced for the Appeal, because the print production and marketing costs will be covered by a Spider’s Partner.

Spider’s Appeal is delighted and honoured that five sporting artists have agreed to support the Appeal in this way:

Spider’s Sporting Art Gallery

1000 quality litho prints at A3 image size are taken off each portrait and each is signed and numbered by the respective artist. Each set of 5 numbered prints is offered to each shoot of the same number within Barry & Spider’s visit programme during 2003/13, in exchange for a specified donation direct to Spider’s Appeal. This of course establishes each set as unique to it’s related shoot. The donation in respect of each set of A3 portrait prints is £500 (ie £100 per individual print).

It is anticipated that most shoots will wish to have it’s own set of 5 prints for framed exhibition within it’s shoot lodge or dining room, although some may wish to separate and allocate individual prints within that shoot community; ie shoot owner/ landowner/ head keeper/ under keepers/ syndicate or regular guns/ pickers-up/ beaters/ game cart crew etc.

The 5 portrait images, titled SPIDER’s Appeal 2003/13, are displayed here, and comprise:

Should there be further demand for A3 prints from any shoot, in addition to it’s own relevant set, there may be prints available from other shoot’s allocations. Please register further interest with Barry.

There are also prints, at A4 image size, of the 5 portraits, which are not individually signed or numbered, and are available for general acquisition for a specified donation of £10 per print. These are also available to each of the 1000 shoots, as additional to and part of the order of the set of A3 signed and numbered prints. The acquisition of A4 prints will generally be via Barry and Spider’s presence at many Shows through the summer months.

Orders and advance payment (amount equally divided on 2 personal cheques from tax-payer, payable to (a) Heritage Concern Foundation (Charity Reg No to follow) and (b) Cancer Research UK (Charity Reg No 1089464) with account holder’s name and address on reverse of each cheque, in order for the donation to be eligible for Gift Aid) should be made to Barry at Spider’s Appeal, Woodside House, Main St, Norwell, Newark. NG23 6JN.

The dispatch of prints will be from Sally Mitchell Fine Arts Ltd.

A bespoke quality framing service is available by direct and separate arrangement with Sally Mitchell Fine Arts Ltd.